Entity Framework 5中遇到的 mysql tinyint(1) 转换为 bool 的问题 (我用的是VS2013中的EF5版本)

数据有一个字段,用的是 tinyint 长度是1 默认值为0 ,

当用vs2013中的 EF5来生成 实体模型之后,看到这个列被标识为 bool 类型



These types are synonyms(同义词) for TINYINT(1). A value of zero is considered(认为是) false. Nonzero(不为0) values are considered true

I believe I’ve discovered a bug in the way the MySQL Connector for .NET maps fields of type TINYINT(1) within Entity Framework.

The database I’m working with has a number of fields used to store “enumeration values” – basically an integer that represents a specific .NET enumeration value. ie/ Open = 1, Closed = 2
Since the enumerations contain a small number of possible values (2-5), the majority of these fields are declared as the MySQL datatype TINYINT(1). In other words, we want an integer with a minimal amount of storage space and a maximum of “one character”.

When we use Entity Framework 4.3 to map these TINYINT(1) fields to an “int” data type, the integer value always comes back as “1”, regardless of the underlying storage value. The integer values 2, 3, 4, etc all get converted to 1.

If I convert the entity property’s type to “string”, it receives a value of “True”.

It appears as though the MySQL Connector for .NET is hardcoded to treat TINYINT(1) as a boolean, regardless of the data type it’s eventually bound to. TINYINT(1) should only be converted to a boolean when it’s bound to a “bool” property, and nothing else. It appears as though it’s trying to simulate the behavior of the “BIT” field in SQL Server, which is a completely different thing (it’s not an integer, while TINYINT is).

Is this a known issue? Should I file a bug report?


他说,在EF4.3中,他用一个字段 Tinyint(1) 想去存一个 int类型的值,不管是存 1还是2,3,4 他都是变成了1

如果他在Ef的实体中把类型改为string,到了数据库却变成了 “True”

这个问题好像是发生在,通过 MySql Connector For .Net这个组件来链接Mysql的时候发生的 .

解决方法 .

Tinyint(1) 就只用来保存 bool 值 只有0和1 不要保存其他的值

如果要保存多的值,就用 Tinyint(4) 这样的,那么到了Ef中这个 类型会变成 sbyte ,这个就是一个整形 .


Original: https://www.cnblogs.com/joeylee/p/3878223.html
Author: 梨花驿路
Title: Entity Framework 5中遇到的 mysql tinyint(1) 转换为 bool 的问题 (我用的是VS2013中的EF5版本)





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