linux 命令行 光标移动技巧

linux 命令行 光标移动技巧



Watching a real expert operate the command line is definitely a good experience-the cursor shuttles back and forth between words and the command line scrolls differently. Developers who are strongly adapting to GUI programs here try to work at the prompt. But it’s not that simple, and you still need to know how to do it. To jump between words, use the Ctrl+ key key. Ctrl+a jumps to the beginning of the line and Ctrl+e jumps to the end of the page. Ctrl+u delete the text in front of the current cursor ctrl+k- delete the text behind the current cursor Ctrl+w and Alt+d- delete the current word, w delete the characters of the word in front of the cursor, d delete the characters behind the current cursor Alt+Backsapce- delete the word behind the current cursor, if deleted error, use Ctrl+y to restore Ctrl+L to clear the screen

Author: 菜鸡一枚
Title: linux 命令行 光标移动技巧





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