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There are often some pain points in life. For example, when you are on the subway, it will be very difficult for you to watch a video without subtitles with headphones, because the noise is so loud that you can’t hear what is said in the video, and you can’t turn it up very loudly and hurt your ears. When watching English videos, if there are no Chinese subtitles, the English level is poor, it is difficult for you to understand. If you add English subtitles, those who are proficient in English may be able to understand it. In daily life, you may have a recording file that you would like to convert into text automatically.

以上的痛点说痛不痛,但如果有工具能自动帮我们做一些语音到文字的自动化工作该有多好啊。根据视频的语音信息,自动添加字幕youtube很早就有了,而且youtube上可以自动翻译。如果说句话识别成文字 科大讯飞,百度等有许多的产品。但是将很长的音频转成文字或者自动为视频添加字幕,这样自动化的软件并不常见。科大讯飞应该有这样的软件,不知道是不是要收钱。


我用 TED的演讲做了一个Demo,TED演讲者英语清晰,噪音也少:









In fact, what is not easy to deal with is to cut a long file into a small voice file. After some thinking, there is a cutting process as follows:



(3)设定一个阈值,用来定义用户的停顿阈值(归一化以后我取 0.2)。对于语音的每一个数值超过这个阈值算说话,低于这个算停顿。统计连续的停顿和连续的说话点的长度。






You can also add something that translates automatically in the future.


如果想听一下切割效果,点击下面链接看百度网盘。切割文件按照 ID_起始时间_结束时间命名的( ID 从1开始)



In the future, when learning English or music, you can first cut the long audio into small sentences, which is much more convenient.

TED音频文件分割以后的小音频 清唱

清唱我只在乎你切割后小音频 TED

中文识别 小蝌蚪找妈妈:






When I met my mother with a group of ducklings, there was water in the pond. The duckling followed the mother duck and kept calling her mother.



After class, they all wonder where our mother is.



They came to their mother and asked, Mother Duck, do you know what our mother looks like?



Your mother has two big eyes on her head.




The little tadpole felt that Dayu was like his mother and hurriedly chased after him and called for his mother. The big fish smiled and said that I was not your mother.




The little tadpole saw that the turtle had four legs




Mother, said the tortoise with a smile, I am not your mother, your mother’s belly is white



The little tadpole is happy to see a big white goose and wants to go up.



Mom, the big white goose said your mother was dressed in green.



Singing, the little tadpole saw a frog sitting on the lotus leaf, dressed in green



The frog croaked and said, my children, come quickly. I am your mother, so why am I different from you?



When you grow up, you’ll be just like your mother.



The little tadpoles finally found their mother, and they swam about happily in the water.



Later, the little tadpole slowly grew four legs, lost its tail, changed into green clothes, and became a real frog.



They walk pests on the shore every day.





i am in search of another planet in the universe where life exists,

ican’tsee this planet with my naked eyes,or even with the most powerful telescopes we currently possess,

but i know thatit’sthere,

and understanding contradictions that occur in nature will help find,

on our planet where there is water there is life,

so we look for planets that orbit at just the right distance from their stars,

at this distance shown in blue on this diagram for stars of different temperatures planets could be warm enough for water to flow on their surfaces has lakes and oceans where life might reside,

some astronomers focus their time and energy on finding planets that these distances from their stars on,

what i do takes up where their job and,

i model the possible climates affect the planet,

andhere’swhythat’simportant there are many factors besides distance from its star that control whether a planet can support life,

take the planet venus,

IT’snamed after the roman goddess of love and beauty because of its benign if serial appearance in the sky,

but spacecraft measurements revealed a different story,

the surface temperature is close to nine hundred degrees fahrenheit five hundred celsius,

that’shot enough to melt lead,

its thick atmosphere not its distance from the sun is the reason causes the greenhouse effect on steroids trapping heat from the sun is scorching the planet surface,

the reality totally contradicted initial perceptions on this planet,

from these lessons from our own solar systemwe’velearned that aplanet’satmosphere is crucial to its climate and potential to host life,

wedon’tknow what the atmospheres of these planets are like because the planets are so small in game compared to their stars,and so far away from us,

for example one of the closest planet that could support surface water is called least six six seven cc touch a glamorous name write, my phone number for a nameit’stwenty three light years away,

sothat’smore than one hundred trillion miles,

trying to measure the atmospheric composition of axle planet passing in front of its host star for his hard,

IT’slike trying to see a fruit fly passing by acar’sheadlight,

they now imagine that cause one hundred trillion miles away and you want to know the precise color of the fly,

so i use computer models to calculate the kind of atmosphere a planet would need you have suitable climate for water and life,

here’sanartist’sconcept of the planet kepler sixty to ask with your for reference,

IT’stwelve hundred light years away and just forty percent larger than earth,

or in excess funded work found that IT could be warm enough for open water for many types of atmospheres and orientations of its orbit to live like feature telescope to follow up on this planet to look for signs of life,

ice on a planet surface is also important for climate ice absorbs longer redder wavelengths of light and reflects shorter bluer light,

that’swhy the iceberg in the photo looks so blue the redder light from the sun is absorbed on its way through the ice only the blue light makes IT all the way to the bottom,

the gets reflected back up to our eyes as we see blue wife,

my model show that planets orbiting cooler stars could actually be warmer than planets orbiting hotter stars she does another contradiction that ice absorbs the longer wavelength light from cooler stars in that light that energy,

heats the ice,

using climate models,to explore how these contradictions can affect planetary climate is vital to the search for life elsewhere,

andit’sno surprise that this,

my specialty,

i’mafrican american female astronomer,and a classically trained actor who love to wear make up and read fashion magazines so i am uniquely positioned to appreciate contradictions in nature,

the,and how they can inform our search for the next planet where life exists,

my organization rising star girls teaches astronomy to middle school girls of color,

using theatre writing and visual arts,

that’sanother contradiction science and artdon’toften go together but interweaving them can help these girls bring their whole selves to what a large and maybe one day,

join the ranks of astronomers were full of contradictions can use a background to discover once and for all that we are truly not alone in the universe,

thank you,the,

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